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Deutz Diesel Generator Set

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Deutz Diesel Generator Set

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XILIPU Deutz diesel generator set

Deutz was founded 1864 in Cologne, Germany. Now Deutz is the oldest engine manufacturer in the world. The 226B series of diesel generator are made by the joint venture company of Deutz in China. This type of engines features compact structure, high reliability, economic operation, convenient maintenance and Europe����standard meeting emission. Equipped with a new type of supercharger, the engine is provided with an intake-air-backflow function, by which the engine can be well applied in high elevation region.

Engine structure
1. Cylinder cap: High strength nodular iron casting
2. Connecting Rods :Drop forged high carbon alloy steel
3. Crankshaft: High alloy steel forging, bolt-on counterweights
4. Electronic governor has been used to adjust the governing ratio between 0 and 5%

Intake System
Dry element air filter with visual restriction indicators, turbocharged(intercooler)

Fuel system
1. A-type multi-cylinder-combined injection pump and closed multi-hole injector have been used in the fuel system of Deutz series diesel engines, two pole fuel filter ensure the cleanness of fuel in injection pump, and increase the lifetime of injection pump.
2. P-type low pressure chamber Eurasian extrusive and grinding injector has been used to improve the quality of fuel atomization.

1.Economical and consumption: The diesel engine enjoys very low fuel consumption up to 197g/kw.h in a wide power and speed scope and good installing suitability. With most of the spare parts being universally used, the engine is easy to maintain and its running cost is considerably low.
2.Low emission, low pollution and low noise: The turbocharged diesel engines are all Euro I compliant, and turbocharged inter-cooled models can reach to Euro II emission standard. Its special frame type main bearing structure helps to keep the engine working at high intensity low vibration and low noise.
3.Plateau adaptability: Plateau diesel engines for generators, can supply full load at the altitude of 4000m.
4.Low temperature ignition: The diesel engine can be started at below 15 degrees without fixing the low-temperature ignition device and, at below 40degree with the device.

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