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Cummins Diesel Generator Set

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Cummins Diesel Generator Set

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cummins generator sets

XILIPU Cummins generator set
Performance parameter
Whole features
��ower factor between 0.8-1
��luctuation from no load to full load
��otating speed down within 4.5%

Steady frequency regulating ratio
��oad from 0-100%, regulating ratio no exceed 1.0%(electronic governing)

��oad from 1-100%,frequency fluctuate no exceed ±0.25%

Cooling system
��0°C standard radiator

Filtering system
��ry element air filter with operation indicator, spin-on replaceable paper element full-flow filter, spin-on replaceable paper element diesel filter.
Starting system
��4V DC starting motor,30A DC battery charger
��upply starting current 625A-1800A at 0°C

Fuel system
Fuel cut off by 24V DC electromagnetic valve, double-layer spin-on paper element fuel filter, unique PT oil supply electronic governor system, gensets equipped with double flexible fuel union pipe

Features :Heavy load, durable 4-stroke water cooled engine, excellent
Structure: 4 valves each cylinder, stainless crankshaft, bolt, cast iron steel and replaceable humid cylinder liner.
The Cummins series diesel gensets : small volume, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable performance, convenience in parts supply and maintenance, with electronic governor , with protection system for too high temperature of water-cooling, low oil pressure and over speed.



  Delivery lead time

20 days

  Minimum order

1 set

  Supply ability

30 sets/per day

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